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Souki Kills SuperFerry EIS Bill

by Make Kohola

“It is not fair to require an EIS now, at the eleventh hour, when the DOT told the Superferry from the start that one was not required” (1)

Besides, he continued, just because the State Committee charged with reviewing EIS exemptions said DOT had made an error in exempting the Superferry is no reason to make them do one. To hold hearings "creates only false hopes" (2)

After all, he said, lots of companies "have been doing business throughout the islands for close to a century. However, not one of them was required to do an EIS"(3).

"No one had to do Environmental Impact Studies a hundred years ago. Why should anyone have to do one now?"(4)

We complimented Rep. Souki on his well written viewpoint in the Maui News. "Yeah, those Superferry guys are pretty good writers, aren't they?"(5), he said modestly.

When asked about the Superferry's impact on his constituents, particularly paddlers who will lose their race course to the Superferry's security zone, Souki replied that the Superferry was one, if not the biggest donor to his campaign and his duty to them was more important than "a few paddlers" (6) in his district. Besides, he said, "Everyone benefits"(7).

"You get what you pay for. That's the American way."(8)

In response to the Maui County Council who voted to require an EIS due to concerns about traffic jams, crime, Hawaiian cultural uses of the harbor, Souki replied, "Well, That's life"(8).


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Real Fake (1) "It's not fair..."
Real Fake (2) "creates only false hopes"
Real Fake (3) "have been doing business..."
Real Fake (4) "No one had to do Environmental..."
Real Fake (5) "Yeah those guys at the Superferry..."
Real Fake (6) "a few paddlers"
Real Fake (7) "You get what you pay for..."
Real Fake (8) "Everyone benefits."
Real Fake (9) "Well, That's life"

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