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Bike Tours: Souki Steps In (It)

Souki & Yamashita Sponsor Bike Tour Regulation Bill

by Holo Ka'a, staff writer

Q. What caused you to sponsor this bill (HB349 SD1) which will allow counties to regulate bike tours?

A. After I killed the Superferry EIS bill, my continuants were so mad at me, I figured I'd better do something fast to make myself look good. This was easy. Everyone hates the Bike Tours.

Q. Why have you included unescorted bike companies in the bill? I heard they aren't the ones blocking traffic. In fact, there are claims their riders make more stops and buy more goods because they're not being rushed along in a group.

A. Well, I didn't want the tour bike companies to be too mad at me. After all, I may have to hit them up for donations next election. So I figured I'd do them a favor and make life difficult for the companies who don't do tours. These unguided tours are cutting into the guided tour profits.

Q. One last question. Why did you sponsor this bill with Rep Yamashita instead of getting a Senator to sponsor it.

A. Kyle's the only one still talking to me.

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