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Souki Delivers Yet Again - Appoints Biotech Legislator of Year to oversee Agriculture Committee
"Dow, DuPont, Bayer, and BASF, members of the ACA are pleased. Contact me if you'd like me, Speaker of the House, to lobby for you!"

Souki Featured on the John Oliver Show
"I made national news by lobbying for the American Chemistry Assoc while simultaneously voting on the issue!"

Souki Delivers Again - Passes Superferry Bailout Bill
"I can't be listening to my constituents - where's the money in that?"

Souki's Bill To Eliminate Airport EIS Gets Sidetracked
"I never met an EIS I liked!"

Souki Sponsors Bike Tour Bill

Souki Kills Superferry EIS Bill
"It's one thing to regulate bicycles - quite another to regulate one of my donors!"

Souki Defends Action "That's Life"

Lingle Congratulates Rep. Souki

Latest News About My Pet Projects

Paddlers Beg Souki to Stop Superferry from Nixing their canoe races. Souki Replies, "That's Life".

Superferry Projected to Kill Whales. Souki Replies, "That's Life".

Farmers in Trouble From Superferry Invasive Species. Souki Replies, "That's Life".

Kahului Crime Wave Coincides with Monday Night Cruise Ship Dockings. Souki Replies, "That's Life".

Prostitution and Drugs Increase. Cruise Ships?

Officials Worry that Superferry Will Bring More Homeless Criminals to Maui. Souki Replies, "That's Life".

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